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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no limitations on how many personal or client websites you use our templates on.  Everything on our site was created in-house. The only limitation is that the templates are not for re-sale or re-distribution as your own creation (i.e. in a theme you are selling).  

We build all of our templates on PHP 8.1 – these should be compatible with PHP 7.4+

All of our templates are built with Elementor & Elementor Pro.  Some of our templates require one or more of the following plugins (and are annotated as such).

We use imagery exclusively from Envato Elements – if you have a subscription you may license and use the existing images provided in the template.  You cannot, however, re-sale or re-distribute these images.

If you do not have an Envato Elements subscription, you will need to replace any images with your own.  

Make sure you have the appropriate plugins for that template installed and active!

We are constantly adding new templates for both premium and free.  We typically aim for a release of 5-10 new block templates per week and one site kit every two weeks.

We handle refund requests on a case by case basis.  If there are issues with the templates that our team is responsible for – we will attempt to fix before offering a refund.  In most cases, because this is a digital product, refunds can be hard to justify.

*Please note if you purchased your theme on Themeforest – their rules for refunds apply.

You will lose access to all premium templates until your subscription is renewed.  We recommend downloading all of the templates you desire after purchasing your premium subscription!

*Please note this does not apply if you purchased your theme on Themeforest.

Absolutely! You can use as many templates on as many sites as you’d like.

We are based in Denver, CO and operate on Mountain Standard Time.  Most of our designers and developers work remote across the U.S.  All work is done in-house and proudly developed in the United States

We do not outsource overseas or out of the country.

Unfortunately for now we only sell templates created by our team.  This is something we may implement in the future, should there be enough interest.

Our sister company which employes many of the same designers and developers does exactly this.  You can check out PressPickle and get a quote for any project you need help with.

We take privacy concerns very seriously.  We do not store any personal information outside of your name, email & billing address.  All of this information is secured behind an SSL, CloudFlare firewall and database encryption.  We do NOT share your personal information with any third parties. We do NOT store your payment information as this is handled by our credit card processor Stripe.

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